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North Central College FAQ’s



How do I sign up for a meal plan?

All resident students will be automatically assigned a meal plan when they are assigned a room. The Fall semester board (meal) plan will typically begin with breakfast on the Friday prior to the first day of classes and will typically conclude with dinner service on the last day of final examinations. Spring semester will typically begin with Sunday dinner the day before classes begin based on the College calendar and will conclude with dinner the last day of final examinations. 

What are the meal plan options?

There are four types of resident meal plans. All residents will be automatically assigned to the 17 Meals Weekly plan.  You can change your meal plan during the first week of classes each semester at Kaufman Dining Hall. Smaller meal plan sizes are available to commuter students.

What are swipes, bonus bucks, and flex dollars?

Meals, also called swipes, are built into your meal plan. You can use them to enter and enjoy a meal at Kaufman Dining Hall, our all-you-care-to-eat style dining location. Swipes are automatically deducted from your student ID when swiped at Kaufman’s register. Students may use up to 4 swipes at Kaufman per day, unless enrolled in the All-Access Plan which includes unlimited swipes.

Bonus Bucks are also built into your meal plan and can be used at all retail locations to purchase any menu items. Retail locations include the Rolland Boilerhouse (We Proudly Serve Starbucks and Convenience Store), The Cage (Burger 360, Papa Johns, and Moe’s Southwest Grill) and Au Bon Pain. Bonus bucks can also be used to purchase a meal at Kaufman Dining Hall. Bonus Bucks work like cash, automatically deducting from your student ID when scanned at a register. 1 Bonus Buck is the equivalent of 1 Dollar.  Bonus Bucks roll over from Fall to Spring semester; however, unused Bonus Bucks will expire at the end of each academic year.

Flex Dollars are not part of a meal plan but can be purchased as a supplement and are accepted at all dining locations. Like Bonus Bucks, they are automatically deducted from your student ID when used. For students with meal plans, Flex Dollars will only be deducted at dining locations after all bonus bucks have been used. Flex Dollars roll over from one academic year to the next until you leave North Central College.