CARD Seminars Workshop/Event Series

CARD Seminars and Workshop/Event Series

As part of the Cardinal Directions general education curriculum, all new North Central College students complete either the First Year Seminar sequence (CARD 101 & 102) or the Transfer Seminar (CARD 200) and are required to participate in a series of workshops/events. Together these experiences assist each student in learning about North Central College campus resources, offices, and organizations, developing and enhancing academic skills and ensuring that each student becomes an active member of the Cardinal Family while succeeding academically! 

The required components are as follows: 

First Year Students Transfer Students
Required Courses: Required Course:
CARD*101 First Year Seminar --Writing CARD*200 Transfer Seminar
CARD*102 First Year Seminar--Speaking
Required Workshops/Events: Required Workshops/Events: (unless otherwise noted)
* BURST Workshop (Dates vary) (Attend 1) * Title IX/Bystander Training Workshop (Attend 1)
* Career Readiness Workshop (Attend 1) * Diversity and Inclusion Workshop (Attend 1)
* Emotional Intelligence Workshop (Attend 1) * Career Readiness Workshop (Attend 1)
* Signature Campus Event (Dates vary) (Attend 1) * Signature Campus Event (Dates vary) (Attend 1)

If you have any questions regarding the workshops, please reach out to your CARD faculty member or the department facilitator. To find all events, visit the Presence page by clicking here and searching for the tag, "CARD 101/102/200 Events"

BURST Workshop (Choose one date)

No sign-up required and you can attend as many workshops as you desire.

All BURST Workshop dates can be found by clicking here. 

BURST workshops are 40 minute multimodal presentations for students to integrate a research proven study strategy based on their academic needs. Students will be sent an individual email invitation on workshops that best meet their needs. To receive this email, the students will need to complete the survey found here.

Career Readiness Workshop (Choose one date)

Students will sign up via Handshake here for a one - hour career workshop to be held throughout the semester in the Upper WAC Student Lounge (Second Floor). 

First time on Handshake?
- Use your NC email and password to login
- First time users should create a profile
- Click on "events" to register for a workshop

Any questions about signing up for Handshake, please reach out to the Office of Career Development at

Students are required to sign-up for one workshop by Friday, January 24, 2020. 

Workshops will be held weekly from weeks 4-15, with a max of 50 students in each session. Workshop times will rotate between morning, community hours, and early evenings. 


Introduction to Career Readiness

January 28, 12-1 pm

February 6, 12-1 pm

February 10, 9:20-10:20 am

February 19, 9:20-10:20 am

February 26, 4-5 pm

March 9, 4-5 pm

March 11, 9:20-10:20 am

March 17, 12-1 pm

March 23, 4-5 pm

March 31, 12-1 pm

April 10, 9:20-10:20 am

April 13, 4-5 pm


Emotional Intelligence Workshop (Choose one date)

Staff from the Dyson Wellness Center will conduct a one-hour workshop for all FYS CARD students in the spring semester entitled, Living the Best Version of Yourself: The Truth About Navigating Life’s Challenges. This workshop will inspire self-reflection, through education and engagement with SEI skills and tools, with a call to increase awareness of self and other in all aspects of the students’ lives – including school, work, and relationships.

Students are required to sign up using SignUp Genius found here.

Choose one date/time from the choices below:

Monday, February 3 & Monday, March 9

Tuesday, January 21 & Tuesday, February 18

Wednesday,  March 11

Friday, January 24 & Friday, March 27

Upcoming Signature Events (Choose one event)

Past events have been deleted!
No sign ups required, unless otherwise mentioned. Choose one date from the below options.

Co-curricular refers to activities, programs, and learning experiences that complement, in some way, what students are learning in school—i.e., experiences that are connected to or mirror the academic curriculum

In that spirit, students will work with their faculty to attend a signature event for spring semester 2020 that works best for them. The faculty member will approve and track the signature event component for the class.


Some examples of events would include: 

Changemaker Challenge
Date: April 3rd
Location: Heininger Auditorium, Larrance Academic Center
Sponsored by the Center for Social Impact

Violent Intruder Presentation
Tuesday, February 18- 12PM to 1PM, WAC Student Lounge
Monday, March 9- 12PM-1PM, Old Main, Smith Hall
Thursday, April 9- 12PM-1PM, Old Main, Smith Hall

Unfortunately, acts of violence on college campuses and within other public spaces have become all too common. The Crisis Task Force has determined a need to provide training on how to respond if a violent intruder enters campus. Michael Willison, assistant director of campus safety, will lead one-hour training sessions on violent intruder preparedness.
Sponsored by the Office of Campus Safety

Office of Engaged Learning--Coffee Breaks
Fullbright Information Session
Come enjoy a cup of Enactus coffee and learn more about the Fulbright Scholars program!
Date: Wednesday, February 26, 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Location: Coffee Lab in Larrance Academic Center

Study Away
Do you want to spend a term at a different university in the U.S.? NCC offers a wide variety of programs across the country! 
Come enjoy a cup of Enactus coffee and learn more about Study Away opportunities at NCC!

Date: Monday, March 9; 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Location: Coffee Lab in Larrance Academic Center

Engaged Learning
Are you curious about undergraduate research, study away, richter grants, or community engaged learning courses? Come enjoy a cup of Enactus coffee and learn more about Engaged learning opportunities at NCC! 

Date: Tuesday, March 17; 11:40AM - 1:30PM
Location: Coffee Lab in Larrance Academic Center

All sponsored by the Office of Engaged Learning