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Character Initiatives at North Central College

Character Initiatives

North Central College is committed to making you the most well equipped, principled, responsible leader possible. That’s why we partnered with the Kern Family Foundation, who provided a 4.5-year, $3.2 million grant—the College’s largest private grant ever—to launch character initiatives designed to have an impact. 

We believe we can make an important and far-reaching impact in creating cultures of character in school districts across Illinois, the Midwest—and potentially, the nation. Look for additional details and more about this exciting new initiative in early 2019.

Strategically Designed

Character Initiatives have been designed to:

  1. Enhance the master of education in educational leadership program with scholarships, internship fellowships, and cultures of character curriculum
  2. Establish a Character Education Institute with a Principal Academy and Character Education Certificate
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Master of Education in Educational Leadership

The master of education in educational leadership program was designed to help you become an innovative, impactful leader for PK-12 schools while meeting Illinois principal endorsement requirements. Thanks to the generosity of the Kern Family Foundation, this program also benefits from an internship fellowship program, targeted scholarships, and an enhanced curriculum that prepares you to foster a school culture of character that develops social and emotional skills.

Educational Leadership Fellowship

As a student in the educational leadership program, you can apply for a fellowship which will cover the costs of a substitute for your role in schools so you can engage in a full-time, semester-long internship with a principal-mentor. Learn how to lead a school with character by working as part of the administrative team—all without disrupting your regular employment income.

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The Kern Family Foundation is enabling North Central to provide scholarships to students who are underrepresented in administrative ranks or who currently serve underserved communities. Look for details and application requirements to be announced in Winter 2019.

Character Education Institute

We want you to be able to impact the development of character. That’s why the Character Education Institute delivers programs for teachers, principals, undergraduate education majors—and other community stakeholders—to support your expertise and professional development for fostering thriving communities of character.

Cultures of Character Academy

This academy, open to principals and other administrative leaders, shows you how to use character education to facilitate school improvement. You’ll work with character and culture coaches who support you onsite, and you can apply for mini-grants to help you implement culture of character projects in your school.

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Character Education Certificate

This certificate program is open to eligible undergraduate education majors, practicing teachers and principals, and other community stakeholders interested in studying a virtue ethics core that addresses both pedagogy and content.

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M.Ed. in Educational Leadership Details

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The Kern Family Foundation

The Character Initiatives at North Central College are funded by the Kern Family Foundation. The Kern Foundation focuses on systemic change by partnering with broad-impact, long-term programs that build thriving communities. The foundation is dedicated to equipping young people with the academic skills and virtues necessary to realize their potential and contribute to the common good, and to shaping  a sense of moral responsibility that lays the foundation for a meaningful and virtuous life.

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