Leadership Degree Webinars

Graduate Leadership Degree Webinars

Explore Graduate School Leadership Degrees

We invite you to listen to an informational webinar to hear from faculty, get tips on your graduate school application, and learn how you can grow personally and professionally.

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Webinar

Meet Assistant Professor and Program Director Renee Kosiarek, J.D., who has extensive experience teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels in Conflict Resolution, The Ethical Challenges of Leadership, Issues in Leadership and Theories and Models of Leadership. We invite you to explore the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree.

Meet Renee Kosiarek for the Organizational Leadership Webinar

Leading Your Profession

We are committed to creating strategic and creative thinkers. Through the Master of Organizational Leadership, Master of Higher Education Leadership, and Master of Sport Leadership degrees, we will move beyond the basics and teach you how to practice and apply principles of creative problem solving, conflict resolution, inclusion, leadership and ethics to become an effective leader throughout your career.