Meet the English Language Institute Staff Members

Administrative Staff Members of the ELI

Kate Pope,
Director of the ELI


Namiki Tanaka,
Graduate Assistant


Faculty and Instructors of the ELI

Karina Duncker-Hoffmann

Karina Duncker-Hoffmann holds a B.A. in English and History (Classical and European) and an M.A in English as A Foreign Language and Secondary Education from Hamburg University, Germany.  After several years as director of international professional training at Beiersdorf AG, a pharmaceutics and cosmetics company in Hamburg, Germany, where she was in charge of the company’s foreign language program, she taught English and German at high schools, companies and universities in Japan, Italy and the USA. In Germany and Japan she also worked with programs for cultural orientation and integration.

She has been teaching German and English as a Second Language at North Central College since 2008. Karina is an active member of the ACTFL, the AATG and TESOL. She is passionate about the teaching of foreign languages and intercultural communication. She is a certified teacher and ACTFL OPI tester for German and presently working on her OPI certification for English.

When she is not teaching, she is either cooking, reading or working out, practicing Pilates and Yoga.

Priya Shah


Jeffry Melichar

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Kate Pope, ELI Director