North Central College President Troy D. Hammond meeting alumni during Inaugural Tour

Jan 31, 2013

North Central College’s 10th president, Troy D. Hammond, is hitting the road on a yearlong inaugural tour to meet with alumni and talk about the importance of alumni engagement in his vision for a brilliant future.

Hammond has set a personal goal to meet 1,000 alumni by the end of February and is eager to continue meeting alumni throughout his first year.

“I believe that a key to North Central’s future success lies with its alumni and their engagement with their alma mater,” Hammond says. “That’s a message I want to convey in all the events I attend with the people I meet.”

Among the several hundred alumni he met during the month of January, a theme he heard repeatedly was about the positive influence of faculty during students’ years on campus. “They always share stories about a professor who made a difference in their lives,” Hammond says.

Hammond’s Inaugural Tour is taking him to Chicago, Downers Grove, Elgin, Hinsdale, Naperville, Tinley Park and other towns. In coming months Hammond will continue meeting alumni throughout Illinois as well as in other states. Visit for updates.

Alumni may RSVP to any of the Inaugural Tour events by contacting the Office of Alumni Relations at 630-637-5200 or