Music Education

Blanchet and O’Connell tour with Camerata Chicago in Europe

Sep 23, 2013

George Blanchet, North Central College percussion instructor and lecturer in music, and Dan O’Connell, French horn instructor and lecturer in music, were part of a successful European tour, June 15-23, with the chamber orchestra Camerata Chicago. The Chicago-based orchestra performed under the leadership of Maestro Drostan Hall in the cities of Prague, the Czech Republic; Paris, Tulle and Marseille, France; and Milan, Italy.

Founded in 2003, Camerata Chicago is one of the finest chamber orchestras on the world stage and frequently performs on Chicago’s fine arts and classical radio station WFMT. This summer’s international tour was the group’s first.

Blanchet and O’Connell have been part of Camerata Chicago for eight years. Blanchet has been teaching percussion at North Central since 1998 and directs the Percussion Ensemble. O’Connell has taught French horn since 2006 at North Central and directs the horn studio.