Registration open for 2013 D-Term Verandah experiences

Nov 11, 2013

Registration is underway for all 12 D-Term Verandah experiences that are open to any major. No special skills or experience are necessary to participate. Students can explore Chicago theatre, film music, different cultures, contemporary drama, a museum exhibit about propaganda, sustainability solutions, square dancing, Spanish culture and more. Some experiences are on campus, some off campus.
The D-Term Verandahs and their faculty instructors are:

•    Mathematics of Square Dancing—David Schmitz, associate professor of mathematics
•    Theatre in Chicago—Carin Silkaitis, assistant professor of theatre
•    Face to Face: Connecting Cultures/Crossing Borders—Sheryl Finkle, professor of education, and Jack Shindler, professor of English
•    Sustainable Solutions to Urban Problems—Jennifer Buntin, adjunct assistant professor of sociology
•    A Play a Day: Cold Readings of Contemporary Drama—Kelly Howe, assistant professor of theatre
•    Researching in Informal Learning Spaces—Nicole Rivera, visiting assistant professor of psychology
•    Writing about Pop Culture—Hillary Shulman, assistant professor of speech communication
•    Discovering Spain in America—Jelena Sanchez, adjunct assistant professor of Spanish
•    Keeping Score: Exploring Film Music—Jonathon Kirk, assistant professor of music
•    Becoming Propaganda Critics: “State of Deception” at the Field Museum—Amy Buxbaum, associate professor of speech communication
•    The Cure for Nature Deficit Disorder: GOYA Go Out and Play—Nancy Keiser, professor of education
•    Medicine in the Genomic Era, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute webcast and discussion, noncredit— Sign up by contacting the instructors: Jonathan Visick, professor of biology; Steve Johnston, professor of biology; or Marguerite Degenhardt, pre-professional health program coordinator

To learn more, click here or email each faculty member. To register, visit Merlin. The one-credit hour D-Term Verandahs are included in the winter 2014 Merlin listing under the course designation VER. Credited Verandahs may also be taken for 0 credit. Students interested in the noncredit Verandah activity, Medicine in the Genomic Era, should sign up by contacting the instructor.