Moussetis publishes book chapter on new look of business organizations

Nov 14, 2013

Robert Moussetis—North Central College professor of international business, chair of the management and marketing department, and coordinator of graduate business programs—published a chapter in the 2013 book titled “Strategic Management in the 21st Century, Volume I: The Operational Environment” by editor Timothy J. Wilkinson.

Moussetis’ chapter, titled “The New Reality for Business Institutions: Societal Strategy,” provides a new look of business organizations; Moussetis presents a strategic approach to nonmarket issues of the business firm (social responsibility, ethical approaches, legitimacy, political strategies, etc.).

His contribution provides a new way of thinking about business: Business is an institution designed to provide a broader social value. Clearly, business institutions must generate a satisfactory economic performance, but it must be done in an environment of high ethical integrity and outstanding compliance practices. The societal purpose of business must be integrated into the strategic management process. Moussetis also addresses the distinct possibility that in a new pluralistic society, the challenges of an organization will greatly be based on power and, thus, highlighting a shift from resources, entrepreneurship and technological innovation to a new pragmatism dictating success for the business firm: financial and societal performance. Firms will have to become carriers of social purpose, social values and social effectiveness in order to maintain institutional legitimacy.

Moussetis joined the faculty at North Central in 1998. He earned his B.S. from San Diego State University and his M.B.A. and D.B.A. from United States International University.