Revived Naperville Marathon attracts top alumni

Nov 19, 2013

North Central College alumni were among the top finishers in the Naperville Marathon and Half Marathon, which started and finished at the College’s Residence Hall/Recreation Center on Nov. 10. The first male runner across the finish line in the marathon was Yonatan Mascote ’13, and first among the women in the half marathon was Amber Druien ’07.  

These North Central College alumni placed in the top 5:
Marathon (1,079 finishers)
1.  Yonatan Mascote ’13, 2:34:25 time
2.  Brian Scott ’00, 2:40:43 time
4.  John Collet ’89, 2:43:05 time

3.  Jennifer Garrison ’94, 3:07:47 time
5.  Lizette Ruvalcaba ’08, 3:13:48 time
Half Marathon (1,408 finishers)
1.  Amber Druien ’07, 1:22:42 time

Some 2,500 runners took to Naperville’s streets and parkways during the 2013 event, which was staffed by an extensive army of medical and law enforcement professionals and sponsored by Edward Hospital. The event raised more than $228,000 for 26 different charities. Organizers and city officials said they expect next year’s marathon will double in size.

Click here to view a series of features produced by Naperville Community Television (NCTV17) that were telecast through the marathon. Note video 13 titled “North Central College Marathon” about the nine North Central marathons organized 1967 to 1975 with the help of Al Carius, head men’s cross country coach. 

Photo, courtesy of the Daily Herald