Secondary Education

North Central College is among top colleges in shaping the next generation

Dec 06, 2013

North Central College has been recognized as a top college for teacher education in the state of Illinois by The College Database, a comprehensive source for U.S. college and university data.

The Online College Database’s new ranking, “Top Colleges in Illinois Shaping the Next Generation,” honors the post-secondary institutions in the state that graduated the most education and teaching professionals during the 2012 school year.

“Many colleges and universities have tremendous teacher education programs,” said Doug Jones, founder of The College Database. “But which ones are producing the most, young educators today? We wanted to identify the colleges making the largest impact on our students.”

The College Database evaluated only fully accredited, four-year, public or private or not-for-profit U.S. colleges with a minimum of 10 graduates from education or teaching programs in 2012.  

The College Database is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to provide free information about education options both nationally and locally to students, parents and other interested parties. The goal is accomplished by making all information and tools on the site free and easy to access. While still a relatively young company, The College Database has become a leader in providing educational information to libraries, high schools and career centers across the country. Click here to view the database report.

North Central College offers undergraduate degrees in elementary education and in secondary education, with opportunities to earn a minor in English language learning. Undergraduate majors also are offered in art education, music education and physical education, as well as a minor in health education. The Illinois State Board of Education recognizes North Central College as fully accredited in art, biology, chemistry, English, history, math, physics, music and physical education and foreign language certifications in Spanish, French and German. Among its seven graduate degrees, the College offers a master of arts degree in education, with emphasis in curriculum and instruction or educational leadership and administration.