Secondary Education

Teach First program at North Central College is focus of video

Jan 07, 2014

The Dunham Fund has showcased its partnership with the Teach First program at North Central College in a video titled “The Dunham Fund: Proud Partner of Teach First.” It features interviews with various North Central educators, including Julie Carballo, director of the Teach First program, students who are Dunham Scholars, and two graduates who are teaching in the East Aurora District 131.

Visit or YouTube to view the video.

A philanthropic organization in the greater Aurora area, The Dunham Fund provides financial support to organizations devoted to education, enterprise and community development. By providing scholarships to Teach First students, like Abel Sanchez ’14 and Lupe Gallardo Escobedo ’14 in the video, the fund gives first-generation college students the tools they need to succeed in Aurora classrooms as future educators.

The Teach First program prepares its students with many practicum hours in real classrooms, giving future teachers a solid understanding of how the Aurora community works. Angela Rowley, principal at Aurora’s Fred Rogers Magnet Academy, says, “Students coming from North Central College in their Teach First program know how to teach students… They are able to reach students on a personal level.” Because the Dunham scholars are also from the Aurora community, they are able to make connections between their personal background and their students.

With scholarship help, aspiring teachers are able to dedicate more time and energy on schoolwork and studying to become a great teacher, rather than having to work and provide for their financial needs. Dunham’s partnership with the Teach First program has allowed for an increase in participants, especially from the Aurora area. Featured in the video are current teachers in Aurora schools Ruth Ramos ’04, who majored in elementary education, and Michael Swanson ’12, a physical education and secondary education graduate at North Central.