Lehe publishes article in the Cambridge journal, Religious Studies

May 12, 2014

Robert “Tad” Lehe, North Central College professor of philosophy and coordinator of history of ideas, recently published an article, titled “A Critique of Peter Byrne’s Religious Pluralism,” in the scholarly philosophy of religion journal Religious Studies, published by Cambridge University Press. This article incorporates religious studies and critiques philosophical arguments for religious pluralism.

The article argues that Peter Byrne fails to offer a viable version of religious pluralism. Byrne’s religious pluralism, which affirms the cognitive and salvific equality of all major religions but is agnostic about specific religious doctrines, fails to resolve the tensions between its realist conception of religious truth, which affirms the reality of the sacred and its agnosticism about detailed descriptions of the sacred.  

The article appeared in the April 2014 issue of Religious Studies.

Lehe, a professor at North Central since 1983, earned his A.B. from Wheaton College, M.A. from Northern Illinois University and his Ph.D. from University of Chicago.