Magazine highlights artwork of North Central College alumna Monika Wulfers

Jul 16, 2014

The world-renowned artwork of North Central College alumna Monika Wulfers is showcased in an online magazine.

Wulfers—a 1968 graduate of North Central College who was born in Berlin, Germany—is among the leading female minimalist and conceptual artists of her time, author Daniel Tiffany wrote in the July 13 edition of Hypoallergic magazine. The publication bears the motto “Sensitive To Art & Its Discontents.”

Tiffany writes that although Wulfers “has exhibited sporadically in major museums in the United States, England, Austria, Germany, and Czechoslovakia, her work has not received the attention it deserves.”

“Wulfers’s art, which occurs in a variety of media, uses lines and blocks of numbers to work through a rigorous abstraction of visual forms,” Tiffany writes. “Placement, scale, and mathematical concepts as they relate to space-defining objects are important elements of her work.”

During a recent exhibit at the Elmhurst Art Museum, Wulfers also hosted a workshop for children and adults in which she explored the intersection of math and art using such elements as grids, lines and points to explain concepts.

Wulfers says on her website that as a student at North Central College she studied with art professor Diane Duvigneaud.