Registration is underway for summer credit courses at North Central College

Apr 06, 2015

Registration is underway for summer courses at North Central College, offering students from any college or university the opportunity to earn transferable credits.

A variety of undergraduate and graduate-level courses may be applied toward graduation requirements at a student’s home institution. Classes begin June 15 and continue through Aug. 7.

Students may register in person through the Office of Graduate and Continuing Education Admission during business hours, by appointment or by mail. Visit for details and applications, call 630-637-5840 or email

Undergraduate course titles include Advanced Writing, American Government, Astronomy, Biology, Calculus, Ceramics, Corporate Finance, Cultural Anthropology, Economics, Ethics, First Aid, Intercultural Communication, International Business, Interpersonal Communication, Management, Microeconomic Principles, Organic Chemistry, Outdoor Education, Personality, Physics, Psychology of Adolescence, Social Psychology, Statistics, Teaching Children with Special Needs, Urban Problems, Wellness, and World Religions.

Graduate course offerings include Assessment Strategies for the Classroom; Classroom As a Learning Environment; School, Home and Community; Financial Management; Ethics in Contexts; Curriculum and Program Assessment; Personal Financial Planning; Organizational Leadership and Group Performance; Special Topics in Leadership; The Third World; and more.