2015 Honors Convocation award winners

May 13, 2015

On May 12, North Central College held its 39th annual Honors Convocation, an annual spring event that publicly celebrates student excellence in the academic and co-curricular life of the College. Some 55 students were introduced by faculty members, who recognized them for their academic achievements. In addition, a record 41 College Scholars, eight Richter Grant recipients and some 30 Scholar All-Americans were recognized for their successes.

Many of the award winners have plans for graduate schools and/or have received job offers. The event took place in Wentz Concert Hall, followed by a reception in the concert hall lobby.

Among the highlights of Honors Convocation, and a well-kept secret until the end of the event, was the announcement by President Troy Hammond of Jonathon Kingzette as the Outstanding Senior Man and Heidi Nelson as Outstanding Senior Woman.

These are the 2015 award winners by academic division:

Division of Economics and Business
Outstanding Major in Accounting: Eric Anzelone ’15
Outstanding Major in Economics: Mariana Cury ’15
Outstanding Major in Finance: Eva Shinikova ’15
Outstanding Major in International Business: Mariana Cury ’15
Outstanding Major in Marketing: Daniel Wachowski ’16
Outstanding Major in Management: Mitchell Kositzky ’15
Outstanding Student in Division of Economics and Business: Mariana Cury ’15

Division of Human Thought and Behavior
Outstanding Major in East Asian Studies: Kamila Grzeskowiak ’16
Outstanding Major in Elementary Education: Heidi Nelson ’15
Outstanding Student in Secondary Education: Robert Wegley ’15
Outstanding Major in Athletic Training: Taeopae Wetterman ’15
Outstanding Major in Exercise Science: John DePasquale ’15
Outstanding Major in Physical Education: Michael Riggio ’15
Outstanding Major in Sport Management: Lacey Kwiatek ’15
Outstanding Major in Social Science/History: Michele Dobbs ’16
James Henry Breasted 1890 Outstanding Major in History: Tiffany Tindell ’15
Outstanding Major in Philosophy: Brandon Sarkauskas ’15
Outstanding Major in Political Science: Jonathon Kingzette ’15
Outstanding Major in Sociology & Anthropology: Matthew Wilke ’15
Outstanding Student in Division of Human Thought & Behavior: Tiffany Tindell ’15

Division of Science
Outstanding Major in Biochemistry: Jane McCullough ’15
Outstanding Major in Biology: Brent Gaither ’15
Outstanding Major in Chemistry: Daniella Martinez ’15
Outstanding Major in Computer Science: Brett Bush ’15
Outstanding Major in Physics: Bryan Cardwell ’15
Outstanding Major in Psychology: Meghan Pickett ’15
Outstanding Major in Actuarial Science: Eva Shinikova ’15
Outstanding Major in Applied Mathematics: Laura Olejniczak ’15
Outstanding Major in Mathematics: Rebecca Heinen ’15
Outstanding Student in Science Division: Rebecca Heinen ’15

Division of Arts and Letters
Diane Duvigneaud Senior Art Award: Nicholas Hayes ’15
Outstanding Major in Art: Drew French ’15
Outstanding Student in Forensics: Rachel West ’16
Outstanding Major in Broadcast Communication: Russell Tanzillo ’15
Outstanding Major in Speech Communication: Abigail Escatel ’15
Outstanding Major in Organizational Communication: Rebecca Radavich ’15
Outstanding Major in Interactive Media Studies: Elizabeth Composto ’15
Outstanding Major in Journalism: David Sutton ’15
Outstanding Major in English Studies Literature: Kristin Rose ’15
Outstanding Major in English Studies: Elaine Cannell ’15
Outstanding Major in English Studies Writing: Nicole Young ’15
Outstanding Major in French: Sara Reid ’15
Outstanding Major in German: Hannah Kramer ’15
Outstanding Major in Japanese: Kamila Grzeskowiak ’16
Outstanding Major in Spanish: Heidi Nelson ’15
Clarence Juhnke Outstanding Music Major: Wesley Ellis ’17
Outstanding Major in Music Education: Caitlin Skrbec ’15
Outstanding Major in Theatre: Madelyn DePorter ’15
Outstanding Student in Division of Arts & Letters: Heidi Nelson ’15

Interdisciplinary Studies
Outstanding Student in Interdisciplinary Studies: Emily Labedz ’15

Scholar-Athlete Awards
Freshman: Sarah Gaither ’18
Sophomore: Joseph Barsanti ’17
Junior: Anna Wegrzyn ’16
Senior: Mariana Cury ’15

College Awards
Outstanding Senior Man Award: Jonathon Kingzette ’15
Outstanding Senior Woman Award: Heidi Nelson ’15
Mark A. Reid Freshman Leadership Award: Manilyn Gumapas ’18
Carleen Verstraete Outstanding Resident Student Award: Mitchell Kositzky ’15
Outstanding Service to Student Life Award: Matthew Wilke ’15 and Nicole Young ’15
Megan Sweeney Award: Kristin Rose ’15
Margaret Youel Award: Danara Barlow ’15
Harold R. Wilde Distinguished Service Award: Lydia Pond, coordinator of recreation programs, assistant athletic facilities and events

Barry Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mentions: Jack Ryan ’15 and Kori Sye ’15
Fulbright Scholar, Argentina, English Teaching Assistantship: Heidi Nelson ’15
Fulbright Scholar, Slovak Republic, English Teaching Assistantship: Kristin Rose ’15
Lincoln Laureate: Taylor Harrison ’15
Class of 2015 College Scholar Honors Theses
Richter Grant Recipients
Scholar All-Americans