North Central College hosts four Chicago artists and the power of painting

Jun 05, 2015

North Central College will showcase the work of four Chicago artists in a collaborative exhibit from June 19 through Aug. 9.

Titled “Pseudonym,” the free exhibit will be on display June 19 through Aug. 9 in North Central College’s Schoenherr Gallery at the Fine Arts Center, 171 E. Chicago Ave. The featured artists—Michael William Foster, Jaime Foster, Barry Dwyer and Andy Christopoulos—will greet visitors and give a collaborative painting demonstration at a reception from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, June 19.

The exhibit will feature separate works by husband and wife duo Michael William Foster and Jaime Foster as well as paintings created together by all four artists.

In 2014, the artists formed BJAM, a collaborative effort of the Chicagoans using the first letter of their first names. Born from the love of painting, the group creates visual harmonies for their audiences. Working together on the same canvas, each artist contributes a dynamic effect for a piece of artwork. Michael’s data-driven post-modern elements, Jaime’s abstracted environments, Dwyer’s style of emotional portraiture, and the constructiveness of Christopoulos’ work all combine to create something unique in every work of art.  

Michael’s work involves the interaction among individuals dealing with the abundance of information that’s processed on a daily basis. He uses acrylics and India ink on canvas to create an abstract work that visually represents information and data in their raw form. “I get to paint, draw and design for a living, but I take it a little more seriously now. I understand just how powerful art can actually be.”

For Jaime, a self-taught painter and photographer, topics of her work revolve around human interaction with the natural world. Her abstractions are inspired by physical locations and natural formations, as well as deep concerns for the environment. “I’m interested in creating paintings that represent the spiritual affinity we have with our surrounding environment. My work captures that emotional reaction when we’re struck with awe and marvel.”

Dwyer creates a certain flow in his paintings. He claims he didn’t create them, but the pieces create themselves. Much of Dwyer’s style has been defined as simplistic complexity. Christopoulos’ artwork is focused on mankind’s spirit of inquisitiveness and passion for exploration. Through his art, he’s discovered his passion for exploration and curiosity about the world.  

For gallery hours or to learn more about the exhibit contact Nickole C. Lanham, North Central’s gallery director, at 630-637-5375 or