A new way to connect with North Central College

Jun 24, 2015

Starting with the Spring 2015 issue, the North Central College magazine is now available online.

By visiting northcentralcollege.edu/magazine, readers will find all the articles and classnotes contained in the most recent Spring 2015 issue, along with additional multimedia features. The enhanced web version includes extra photos and video and social media opportunities to comment on stories. It also reflects recent design updates to the print publication, which you'll continue to receive, and provides easy access from a mobile or tablet device. Following common practice among other higher education institutions, the word Now has been dropped from the masthead.

“We know that our readership is increasingly using mobile devices to access news about the College,” said Jim Godo, the College’s vice president for external affairs. “Creating an online version allows readers to enjoy content of the alumni magazine just as they do other publications they read.”

Following the magazine publication schedule, this site will be updated four times a year:  spring, fall, winter and in February, when the annual report is published. Readers will also have the opportunity to look back at previous issues, which will be archived online.

The address is easy to remember: northcentralcollege.edu/magazine. We look forward to seeing you there!