Mark publishes work about lawyers’ perception of the U.S. Supreme Court

Nov 10, 2015

Alyx Mark, North Central College assistant professor of political science, authored an article in the September issue of Law and Society Review. The article, titled “Lawyers’ Perceptions of the U.S. Supreme Court: Is the Court a ‘Political’ Institution?” was coauthored with Brandon L. Bartels of George Washington University and Christopher D. Johnston of Duke University.

Their article argues that legal socialization allows lawyers who interact with the Supreme Court to perceive it as simultaneously politicized and legitimate, as opposed to the public, which, as a rule, does not hold these views concurrently.

Of her contribution, Mark says, “This article weighs in on an important debate in judicial politics scholarship about the relationship between Supreme Court legitimacy and its perceived politicization amongst different groups. I am excited that it will reach an interdisciplinary community of scholars interested in law and courts through publication in the Law and Society Review.”

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