North Central students trace the steps of Freedom Riders during spring break trip

Apr 11, 2016

During spring break 2016, students had the opportunity to participate in the Sankofa Verandah Experience, titled Student Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. Students traced the steps of the Freedom Riders during the 1960s and reflected on how the civil rights struggle connects to their own passions for social justice and leadership.

They traveled to Memphis, Tenn.; Little Rock, Ark.; the Mississippi Delta; and Jackson and Oxford, Miss. Through the course of the trip, students analyzed how the civil rights movement has shaped the world today.

Back on campus, students shared their experiences during a presentation that was open to the campus community. Here are some of their reflections, as well as photos from their trip.

“… This was no longer just a moment of history for me, each was a real live person.”
–Justin Wysocke ’17

“Reliving those moments touched me deeply and it made me understand that people back then sacrificed everything they had for us.”
–Odell Zeigler IV ’16

“Through all man’s ugliness, there is beauty.”
–David Soto ’19, from a poem he recited

“A whole race fighting for education, some too young, none too old.”
–Mariah Gershon ’18

“They would rather give up their life than give up their fight for equality.”
 –Alexandria Corriveau ’17

Spring Break 2016 Sankofa Experience