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New courses are designed for career prep

Psychology and sociology majors

Apr 28, 2017

Among our most popular majors are psychology and sociology, which offer excellent preparation for a wide range of careers. But which careers?

Two new academic classes can help you answer that very question and more.

Careers in psychology incorporate talks by alumni working in the field, self-exploration of strengths and weaknesses, information about sub-fields and related professions, and connections to resources. It will be required of all majors starting in 2017-2018.

“Our goal is to help students explore career goals and expose them to the many career paths in psychology,” said Leila Azarbad, associate professor of psychology (photo, below). “More importantly, they learn a lot about themselves!”

Professional experiences in sociology help students examine the idea of vocation and logistics of the job market. “I want students to explore specific careers and develop resources to make them competitive applicants,” explains Kristin Geraty, associate professor of sociology.

The final project for the sociology course is a portfolio for the job search/graduate school search process, including a résumé, cover letter, data about careers of interest, a discussion of academic and cocurricular plans, and an analysis of leadership styles.

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