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Discovering your passions—inside and outside the classroom

May 04, 2017

As someone who attended small, private schools, I was attracted to North Central College for its uniquely intimate setting, one that breeds networking possibilities and faculty-student connections.

I have cultivated professional relationships with a majority of my English professors. These faculty know my name, my face, and, of course, my work ethic and writing. I was recommended by these professors to my current position as copy editor for Minerva Rising, an independent literary press that publishes women’s fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

At North Central, my professors have encouraged me to pursue research that marries both my passions with my studies. By the end of my senior year, I will have attended six research conferences where I presented faculty-sponsored analyses that covered topics such as "The Walking Dead" and zombie literature.

In addition, I was granted roughly $1,500 via North Central’s Richter Grant for undergraduate research to travel to Washington, D.C. There, I conducted formal analysis of horror and dystopian comic books at the Library of Congress—the largest comic book archive in the United States. This research has facilitated my Honors Thesis.

Throughout my college career, I have been challenged by North Central faculty outside, as much as inside of the classroom. They have supported me and cheered for my success. Most importantly, they have encouraged me to always pursue what impassions and fascinates me, both as a scholar and as a writer.

By Stephanie Passialis ’17, a College Scholar majoring in English writing with a minor in interactive media studies