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Graduate student Johan Henrikson M ’17 honored in poetry contest

Jul 06, 2017

Johan Henrikson M ’17 received an honorable mention for a poem he wrote and entered in the 28th annual Carl Sandburg College poetry contest. The poem is titled “second floor apartments” and only five other adults received awards from Sandburg. The poem is about life, love, best friends, UFOs and misidentification.

Henrikson graduated from North Central with a master of arts degree in liberal studies. He completed 45 poems for his capstone project and he credits Zachary Michael Jack, associate professor of English, for the success he had with his poetry.

“I am very grateful to have someone of his caliber involved with my project. Professor Jack has pushed me and encouraged me to take my poetry further. Without his guidance and support, I would not have achieved what I did,” he said.

Henrikson is interested in entrepreneurship, politics and further education. “The MALS degree program is very open and ultimately helps students to become better writers while also developing their critical thinking and guides individuals to become agents for social change in their communities and around the globe,” Henrikson said.

By Madeline Klepec ’18