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For Moe Mitchell, attending college and owning a business are a perfect fit

Jul 27, 2017

When Moe Mitchell ’20 started Moe Mow’s Lawn Care at age 15, he never anticipated that his part-time work would inspire a full-time commitment.

Mitchell began with just two homes and, through strategic marketing efforts and word-of-mouth, Mitchell’s business soon took off. He invested in quality lawn care equipment, expanded his services to include landscaping and hardscaping, and partnered with fertilization company Trugreen. Through his passion and dedication, Mitchell saw his customer base grow exponentially.

“I never envisioned my business growing to the extent that it has. In my junior year of high school, I got my business license and was able to expand outside of my neighborhood. I found a love for working and making homeowners happy,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell continued to grow his business throughout high school. After graduation a period of uncertainty loomed, until a helpful customer informed Mitchell he could keep his business and go to college.

“I was nervous about having to sell my business, but then a customer told me about subcontracting,” said Mitchell, who started studying business management and entrepreneurship at North Central College in fall 2016.

Mitchell hired other lawn care businesses and workers to complete jobs on his behalf. Now, Mitchell could focus on his schoolwork without the pressure of tending to dozens of jobs.

“It’s now more about administration and management roles. I email weekly updates and check on homes the day after my contract crews mow. I spend mornings answering texts and emails from customers and subcontractors, and make calls after my classes,” said Mitchell.

An entrepreneurship and small business management major, Mitchell plans to continue working in the business field, although he likely won’t stay in lawn care. With plans to pursue a career in real estate development, Moe Mow’s will prove a mere stepping stone in a successful career for this young entrepreneur. And he feels North Central is in part to thank.

“My business couldn’t have gotten as big as it is if it weren’t for this past academic year. I chose the school and major that fit me perfectly,” said Mitchell (photo, below).

By Caleb Lundquist '18