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New faces and coverage on the latest issues highlight North Central in the media in July

Kelly Murphy

Jul 30, 2021

While the academic year has ended for summer break, North Central College subject-matter experts and new additions to the College administration continue to capture the spotlight of media outlets nationwide.

Jessica Brown brings breadth of knowledge to vice president of student affairs and athletics role, as shared in local media outlets

North Central College announced the appointment of Jessica Brown as the College’s new vice president for student affairs and athletics, a position that is part of the administrative leadership team as a member of the President’s cabinet.

“I am excited to join the North Central College community and am thankful to my mentors and colleagues who have been part of my professional career, to my family for their endless support, to President Hammond for this opportunity, and to all those who served on the search committee and assisted with the search process,” said Brown.

“President Hammond and the North Central community have built a foundation for innovation and leadership in higher education. The College fosters a strong sense of belonging and I am excited to contribute my passion for serving students through student affairs and athletics. I’m looking forward to working with students to assess and address their needs, partnering with stakeholders across the College, ensuring that the athletics department continues to thrive as one of the most enviable programs in the country, and developing a thorough plan that centers on the student experience.”

Brown’s appointment captured the attention of local media outlets:


Caliendo provides analysis on Pritzker’s reelection announcement on ABC 7 Chicago

JB Pritzker made the announcement he will seek a second term as Illinois' governor Monday, July 19 on Twitter. Pritzker's reelection announcement came with a video highlighting his work to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in Illinois, support Illinoisans who lost work and benefits during the pandemic, and to roll out the vaccine as quickly as possible. It also highlighted his efforts to bolster small businesses during the pandemic and putting science first in his decision making.

Stephen Maynard Caliendo, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, interviewed with ABC 7 Chicago reporter Craig Wall to discuss the governor’s announcement.

"If there was any surprise at all it's that the entire three-minute video centered on the pandemic that there really wasn't much discussion of other things that happened in his first term," said Caliendo.

Click here to watch the full interview on ABC 7 Chicago.

Xiaoye Chen analyzes how companies followed through on racial equity promises in The 19th

After video footage of 46-year-old George Floyd’s death reignited a call for social justice in the summer of 2020, public support for the Black Lives Matter movement reached an all-time high. Corporate America responded on an unprecedented scale. Hundreds of companies made financial pledges to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Corporate social responsibility — in which companies consider social and environmental issues — is hardly a new concept. However, Floyd’s murder ignited a wave of corporate messaging that experts deemed unprecedented.

Xiaoye Chen, associate professor of marketing, interviewed with reporter Mariel Padilla of The 19th, where she addressed many public company executives mentioned the words “racism” or “racial” at investor-facing events for the first time.

“It is fairly common for companies to donate to general social causes, but rare for them to voice support of singular events. They tend to be “highly selective” when choosing who or what to support.”

Click here to read the full story on The 19th.

Gordon shares excitement for new assistant vice president position in local media outlets

North Central College announced that Dr. Rebecca Gordon, assistant vice president for equity, diversity, and inclusion; Title IX/504 coordinator, will become the College’s first-ever chief diversity officer and will join the President’s cabinet effective July 1 in this new role.

“I am excited for the opportunity to bring an intersectional lens to our work removing systemic barriers to the success of minoritized students, faculty, and staff and at the senior College leadership level,” said Gordon. “While I recognize the challenges ahead of us, I have confidence in the foundation the College has built to launch meaningful changes through the Strategic Plan, the DEI Task Force, and the Athletic Diversity Council, as well as the activism of our students. I appreciate the collaborative relationships I have developed with faculty, staff, and students who have an unwavering commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. This is an exciting time to be a Cardinal at North Central College.”

Dr. Gordon’s appointment captured the attention of various media outlets:


North Central College’s new nutrition science program garners media attention

Beginning in fall 2021, North Central College’s School of Education and Health Sciences (SEHS) will offer a bachelor of science degree in nutrition science. Experiential opportunities will be a hallmark of the North Central nutrition program, allowing students to be highly competitive for internships, graduate school and the job market, while at the same time giving them a wealth of practical knowledge.

Nutrition Science Program Director Kim Milano spoke with various media outlets on how this program will center on experiential learning, ultimately preparing students to enter the job market earlier.

"What we're doing is trying to give students a really good idea of what they would be doing after they graduate and giving them sort of hands-on ways to apply the concepts of nutrition science," Milano said. "We believe by doing that, it's going to be internalized, and they're going to be much more competitive when they get out there in the job market."

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