Preceptor Application

Congratulations on being selected to Precept for a faculty member at North Central College.  Precepting is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows students gain a better understanding of their roles as leaders in the classroom.  As a preceptor, you will have an opportunity to assist with a course that you have already successfully completed by hosting discussion sessions, holding office hours, workshops, study sessions, etc.  Along with your precepting experience you will enroll in the LEAD 360 seminar worth 2 credit hours.  In order to be selected as a preceptor, you must have been asked by a faculty member or you must have been granted permission by a faculty member.  In addition to submitting this form, you will also need to request that the faculty member that you would like to work with also send an email to Dr. Abigaile VanHorn at confirming permission to precept the designated course.  Once both are received, a  request will be submitted to register you for the course.  Please double check your schedule to ensure you are registered.

What is your academic level?
( Note that preceptors must be juniors or seniors. Some outstanding sophomores will be selected. )
( Include the course number and the course title )
( Note that only students who received outstanding grades in the course will be selected to precept )
Have you received permission to serve as a preceptor for this course?
Note that the faculty member must also send a confirmation email to
In what term would you like to precept?
Please note that by choosing to precept you will also need to ensure that you have adequate room in your schedule for the LEAD 360 course. Without this, we will be unable to register you. Completing this form is the first step and does not guarantee the position as a preceptor.  Final decisions are made by the LEV department in conjuction with the faculty member teaching the course.

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