Chelsey Crawford

Visiting Assistant Professor of English



+1 630 637 5282

Chelsey Crawford teaches classes in the newly developed Film and Screen Studies Minor alongside composition courses and courses in the Master's of Liberal Studies program. Her work is particularly invested in theories of nostalgia and repetition as they contribute to understanding of the history of a given medium. Additionally, her teaching is committed to how cinema (re)produces systems of power and privilege. 

Selected Scholarship

The Permeable Self: A Theory of Cinematic Quotation, ” Film-Philosophy 19.

 “Familiar Otherness: On the Contemporary Cross-Cultural Remake,” Multiplicities: Cycles, Sequels, Remakes and Reboots in Film & Television, Eds. Amanda Ann Klein and Barton Palmer. 

“Forging an Artifact through Artifice: Manufacturing History in the Digital Age,” Synoptique 7, no. 1 (2018), 10-18.

Courses Taught

FLM 140: Introduction to Film and Screen Studies

ENG 115: First-Year Writing

FLM 290: History of American Cinema

FLM 340: Global Films

ENG 315: Advanced Writing

MLS 550: Ethics and Imagination

FLM 390: Film Theory and Criticism

FLM 490: Television--History and Theory

ENG 125: Image and Truth

GWS 100: Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

IDS 340: Vision and Power: Representations of Gender, Ethnicity, and Race in American Cinema