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Diane G Bruce

Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Mary Schneller Rosar Professor of Economics


+1 630 637 5246

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Diane Bruce Anstine, Ph.D., is the Dean of the School of Business and Entrepreneurship and former holder of the Mary Schneller Rosar Endowed Chair in Economics. She has also been recognized as a Ruge Fellow for excellence in teaching. Her research appears in journals including the Review of Industrial Organization and Applied Economics.Her current area of research is in sports economics, particularly the demand for women's collegiate sports.

Diane has also served as the Faculty Athletic Representative to the NCAA and as an advisor to the Faculty Mentor program for athletics. She was the inagural advisor to Omicron Delta Epsilon, the Economics Honor Society.

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Selected Scholarship

“What Determines Attendance at Women’s College Basketball Games: Examination of the Relative Size of a Women’s Crowd to the Men’s”  Academy of Business Research, New Orleans, LA, March 2014.

“What Determines Attendance at Women’s College Basketball Games? Is Men’s Basketball a Substitute or Complement to the Women’s Program?,” Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, Vol. 13, Issue 4, 2013, pp. 159-168.

Review of Fifteen Sports Myths and Why They’re Wrong by Rodney Fort and Jason Winfree, Stanford University Press, 2013, for the Journal of Sports History, Vol. 41, No. 3, Fall 2014, pp. 507-508.

“The True Impact of the Deregulation of the Cable Television Industry: The Effect on Quality-Adjusted Cable Television Prices,” Applied Economics, Vol. 36, 2004, pp. 793-802.

"How Much Will Consumers Pay?  A Hedonic Analysis of the Cable Television Industry,” in Review of Industrial Organization, Vol. 19, Issue 2, September 2001, pp. 129-147.

Courses Taught

ECN 100 Economics of Social Issues

ECN 250 Principles of Microeconomics

ECN 310 Economics of Sports

ECN 320 Industrial Structure and Public Policy

ECN 350 Public Economics

ECN 423 Intermediate Microeconomics

ECN 445 Econometrics