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Ericka Stoor-Burning

Adjunct Assistant/Sr Lecturer of Physician Assistant Studies


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Ericka Stoor-Burning has been a physician assistant for over 20 years. Her love of medicine stemmed from her youth. While working as a camp counselor, a friend asked for some help with the local emergency squad in Willingboro, NJ, and it was love at first call. She became a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician than an inner-city Paramedic for over a decade. Her perpetual need for learning, and a nudge from a hospital colleague, prompted her to apply to the Philadelphia University Physician Assistant program.  The experience provided her with a kaleidoscope of medical experiences from Emergency Medicine, Trauma Surgery, Acute Care Surgery,  Orthopaedic Trauma, Orthopaedic Sports, Neurosurgery, to Correctional Medicine. Her career has now landed her in the Chicago area, where she has practiced General and Acute care surgery at NorthShore University Health System for the last 8 years. Her thirst for learning was rekindled after she was invited to travel to Tikal, Guatemala as a medical director for archaeological site excavation. Her continued interest in Pre-Columbian medicine lead her to become a Horticulture Therapist and currently in pursuit of her Doctorate in Global Health at ATSU with continued interest in Maya traditional healing practices and educational-based mission trips.  Her broad interests have afforded her the opportunity to a variety of experiences.  Some of those include being a guest speaker at the University of Illinois Anthropology department, owner/operator of a bakery in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, invented a portable hydroponic horticulture therapy cart adopted at Henry Ford Hospital, a previous board member for the Illinois Academy of Physician Assistants and Random Acts of Flowers (Chicago non-for-profit organization), and ATSU Student Government Association CGHS President (2018).



GACOPA (Global Association of Clinical Officers and Physician Assistants) - International Executive Council Director of Gender Studies (2020)

Physician Assistants for Global Health (PAGH) - member

Random Act of Flowers - Advisory Board (2019)

ATSU Student Government President of Students of the College of Health Sciences (2018)

Co-Chairperson of Continuing Medical Education of the Illinois Academy of Physician Assistants (IAPA) (2018)

Selected Scholarship

Barigye, G., Driesschen, Q., Mahmud, A., Meckel, M., Milcarek, L., Njeru, D., Ofono, J., Showstark, M., Stoor-Burning, E., Tshotetsi, L., & Vasco, D. (2020, September 24). Analysis and evaluation of curriculum from Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, South Africa, Uganda, and the United States for Clinical Officers, Physician Assistants, Clinical Associates, and Medical Assistants [Conference poster presentation]. TUFH 2020 Conference, Mexico. 

Stoor-Burning, E. (2020, March 7). Maximizing the impact during medical mission trips [Conference Presentation].  GACOPA 2020 Convention, Kigali, Rwanda.

Arag√≥n, P. & Stoor-Burning, E. (2016, November 29). Building Bridges: Mesoamerican healing - Contributions to modern medicine [Invitational Presentation]. University of Illinois of Chicago - Anthropology department. Chicago, IL, USA.