Larry Jinkins

Clinical Coordinator for Sport Management; Instructor of Sport Management



+1 630 637 5737


Larry Jinkins is a lecturer and clinical coordinator in the Sport Management program at North Central College. Jinkins holds a M.S. Sport Event Tourism from Indiana University and a B.S. Sport Management also from Indiana University.  Prior to arriving at North Central, he was a visiting lecturer and community partnership specialist at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).  He was the lead author of an article, "A Shift in Community Engagement Models: A Case Study of Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Business Community," and presented findings at the Global Events Congress in Australia in 2014.  He also presented at the Global Events Congress in 2016, "Foundations of youth sport complex development: commonly identified critical components for successful economic development."  

Jinkins has more than 25 years of sales and entrepreneurship experience training hundreds of sales professionals throughout the U.S.  Additionally, he was granted a patent from USPTO on a device to reduce head and neck injuries in sport caused from whiplash.  He is passionate about innovation and strategic leadership with a student-centered design and well-being mindset.