Physician Assistant Studies

Thomas Meersman

Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies; Program Director, Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies


+1 630 637 5741

-15 + years of clinical experience as a Physician Assistant, in a blend of Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine, and Emergency Medicine.

-Prior experience in PA education, with a focus on Clinical Medicine, Problem-Based Learning, and PA leadership courses.

-Publication of original research in national and international medical journals.

-Director of Admissions at the North Central Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program.

Selected Scholarship

· Presenter at 2020 AAPA National Conference – Conference on Demand: Broadening the 'Spectrum' of Our Care: Key Evidence Based Pearls to Ease the  Examination of Patients with Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disorders

· Presenter at 2019 AAPA National Conference Broadening the 'Spectrum' of Our Care: Key Evidence Based Pearls to Ease the Examination of Patients with Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disorders.

· Published Research Manuscript

Meersman, T., & Mathieson, K. (2019). Examining Factors Affecting Parental Satisfaction with Speech Therapy in Children with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome. International Journal of Developmental Disabilities,

· Published Case Report 

Meersman, T. (2012). Localized, dull abdominal pain in an otherwise asymptomatic woman. JAAPA: Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants,  25(4), 44-46.

· Published Online Article  true-autopsy    explained/

· Undergraduate research grant 2004- Investigating the role of Vitamin C supplementation in exercise induced  hypoxemia, Indiana University- Bloomington.