The Master of Education in Instructional Coaching fosters teacher leaders with a contemporary focus on learning, leadership and professional development.

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Master of Education in Instructional Coaching


Graduate Admission


Master of Education in Instructional Coaching

with Eligibility for Teacher Leader Endorsement


The Master of Education in Instructional Coaching fosters teacher leaders with an innovative focus on instruction, assessment, student learning, and professional development. Upon completion of the degree, you would be eligible for the Illinois teacher leader endorsement. The program also positions you additional endorsements beyond the master's degree.

  • Twelve credits from the program can apply towards North Central’s Masters in Educational Leadership with principal endorsement, should a candidate wish to continue studies at North Central within the required time frame. 
  • Elective credits in the program can apply towards the 15-credit ESL endorsement program or the 9-credit Learning Behavior Specialist 1 certification if you currently hold a professional educator license (PEL) endorsed in a teaching field.

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Program Outcomes

The curriculum is designed for you to become an effective instructional facilitator: a licensed teacher leader who facilitates and coaches continuous improvement in classroom instruction. Through the coursework and faculty mentoring, you will be able to:

  • provide instructional support to teachers in the elements of research-based instruction and demonstrate the alignment of instruction with curriculum standards and assessment tools
  • develop and coordinate instructional programs or strategies
  • develop and implement training and professional development based on best practices and curricular objectives that align with the district
  • choose standards-based instructional materials
  • collaborate with fellow teachers in the analysis of school-wide data (i.e MAP scores) to make instructional decisions
  • serve as a mentor, site coach, curriculum specialist, or lead teacher


Master of Education in Instructional Coaching Curriculum

Master's candidates in the program will complete seven required core courses with an emphasis on student and teacher growth, change dynamics, professional development planning, coaching, advocacy, and teacher leadership in the school environment.

The program is aligned to the Teacher Leader Model Standards, the Illinois Council of Instructional Coaching standards (8.2018) and the Danielson Framework. It requires that each candidate in the program develop a standards-based portfolio that reflects their growth and development as a teacher leader as well as instructional coaching competencies. MEDU 500 is designed as the entry point for the program and Instructional Coach Capstone (MEDU 697) is designed to be the capstone course.

Degree Requirements

A total of 9 courses, 34 credit hours are required for the degree: 28 credit hours of core courses, 6 credit hours of elective courses.

7 Core Courses (4 credits each)

  • MEDU 500 - Mission-Driven Leadership
  • MEDU 535 - Supervision and Instruction
  • MEDU 536 - School, Home, and Community
  • MEDU 600 - Teaching Diverse Students (MEDU 500 is a prerequisite)
  • MEDU 601 - Data-driven Decision-making
  • MEDU 603 - Teacher Leadership
  • MEDU 697 - Instructional Coach Capstone (Prerequisite of 26 MEDU credit hours)

2 Elective Courses (3 credits each)

Two additional electives are selected from courses that can apply towards a Learning Behavior Specialist (LBS1) or English Language Learner (ESL) endorsement or students may choose a special topic course.

  • MEDU 692 - Special Topics (can be taken more than once with different topics)
  • MEDU 580 – Foundational Theory: English Learners
  • MEDU 530 - Characteristics of Students with Disabilities

The following courses may be substituted for one of the above electives:

  • MEDU 533 – Methods of Teaching Students with Disabilities
  • MEDU 582 – Cross Cultural English Learners
  • Approved Graduate Course Elective
Bruce Spitzer

Professor of Education; Chairperson, Department of Education
+1 630 637 5738
Kathy W. Black

Assistant Professor of Education
+1 630 637 5741
Kathleen King

Assistant Professor of Education
+1 630 637 5107
Maureen Spelman

Visting Professor of Education; Coordinator of Character Initiatives
+1 630 637 5735

Additional Teaching Endorsement Opportunities

Learning Behavior Specialist 1 (LBS1) Endorsement (9 credit hours)

Work with students who have exceptional learning needs within the LBS1 spectrum. The endorsement will be applicable to the grade levels of one’s existing teaching license. 

The LBS1 endorsement is 9 credit hours.

Program Outcomes

  • Explore the latest research on learning techniques and linked assessments
  • Implement adaptations to meet the needs of a diverse community of learners
  • Foster positive relationships with and among students, parents, and community
  • Enhance responsive pedagogical approaches 
  • Develop responsive learning environments and school cultures

LBS1 Curriculum

  • MEDU 530 - Characteristics of Students with High Incidence Disabilities 
  • MEDU 532 - Methods of Teaching Students with High Incidence Disabilities 
  • MEDU 538 - Psychological Diagnosis of Educational Assessment of Children with Special Learning Needs

English Language Learner (ELL) for ESL Endorsement (15 credit hours)

The five course sequence is designed to prepare the candidate for an ESL licensure endorsement.

ELL Curriculum

  • MEDU 580 - Theoretical Foundations of Teaching ESL/Bilingual Students 
  • MEDU 582 - Cross-Cultural Studies for Teaching English Language Learners 
  • MEDU 583 - Methods and Materials for Teaching English Language Learners in ESL/Bilingual Programs 
  • MEDU 585 - Assessment of the ESL/Bilingual Students 
  • MEDU 586 - Language and Linguistics

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