Educators Abroad

Educators Abroad (EA) provides professional development school-based placements worldwide for prospective teachers. Since 1987, EA has placed over 3,000 students in 77 countries with the goal of increasing awareness and understanding of life and education in other cultural settings, as well as expanding employment opportunities. Placements include Pre-Student Teaching Practicum (2-4 weeks) with three options - pedagogical development, comparative education, and assisting teachers of English - as well as Student Teaching (10-18 weeks) which places students in a classroom abroad. This program is open to students who have been admitted to the North Central College Teacher Education Program and accepted for the Student Teaching Experience. An overall GPA of 3.0 is required in the major and in professional education courses, although a 3.25 GPA is preferred in the latter. Previous study abroad experience is highly recommended and in some instances required. Participants are typically required to find their own host country accommodation. Housing and meals are not included in the program fee. Please note: This program does not fulfill the North Central College student teaching requirement.