November 30, December 1, 2, 2023
7:30 p.m.
December 2, 3, 2023

2 p.m.
Theater at Meiley-Swallow
Tickets: $10.00 - $14.00

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Wild rabies runs rampant through the woods. The foxes are gaining ground, boldly making their way into the village. In the fictional town of Dichtersruhe, an insular yet charming haven stifled by the Swiss mountains, these omens go unnoticed by all but the new parish priest. The residents have other things on their mind: literature. Everyone’s a writer—the nights are alive with reworked manuscripts. So, when the devil turns up in a black car claiming to be a hot-shot publisher, unsatisfied authorial desires are unleashed and the village’s former harmony is shattered. Taut with foreboding and Gothic suspense, Paolo Maurensig gives us a refined and engaging literary parable on narcissism, vainglory, and our inextinguishable thirst for stories.