Social Impact Live

Social Impact LIVE! is a weekly online variety show highlighting the people and programs of the Center for Social Impact. Listen in and/or join the conversation as we hear compelling stories from students (past, present and future), community partners, staff and faculty, all working to make a positive difference in a world filled with complex challenges. Each week we highlight a specific opportunity, organization, or topic that will inform and inspire you to grow as a “changemaker,” while connecting virtually with real human beings!


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May 20  -  View Recording: "Get Dollars, Make Change"

It’s the Changemaker Challenge, our annual pitch competition for social impact ideas.  We’re excited to announce, for the first time, this year’s new recipients – each will receive funding and support to launch their social venture. Recipients will join us live to share about their projects, and we’ll also have special guest appearances by Changemaker Challenge alumni recipients.  Learn about their inspiring work, and how you can access funding through the Center for Social Impact.


May 27 – View Recording: "Designing for Social Impact"

How can good design principles lead to better solutions to social challenges? Join us to hear from student leaders in the campus group called Students for Social Innovation about their past efforts and future plans, and recent examples from students in a course called “Design Thinking for Social Impact” (LEAD 100), who partnered with community organizations to tackle real community challenges. We’ll introduce you to the powerful process of “human-centered design,” and you’ll learn how it is transforming the social sector, and why it is needed now more than ever in a COVID-19 world.


June 10 – View Recording: "Advocacy & Activism"

In the wake of yet another national upheaval decrying racism, our country and our local communities have seen waves of activism and protest. What are different ways to get involved with advocacy and activism?  How can these methods be used effectively for social change?  Hear from student activists at North Central College who will share their experiences, strategies, and lessons learned as they continue to raise their voices and fight for equity and racial justice. Staff from the Center for Social Impact and Office of Multicultural Affairs, along with alumni and faculty guests, will offer guidance, tips, and resources for informed, effective, and safe activism, as well as tools for productive dialogue that can be used when discussing these often divisive topics.  


June 17 – View Recording: "Major (and minor) Decisions: What should I study to change the world?"

Any degree program at North Central can prepare you for a meaningful life and career. If social impact is your goal, you’ll want to hear first-hand from students who have chosen unique academic programs like Social Entrepreneurship, Ethical Leadership, Social Innovation, and Conflict Resolution through the Leadership, Ethics and Values program.  Explore these academic majors, minors, or concentrations that will prepare you for a life of purpose in a variety of contexts and careers.


June 24  – View Recording: "Re-Union": 15 Years of Music that Matters

Music and social impact have been sharing the stage for 15 years through The Union, North Central’s unique student-run venue. 2020 marks a milestone anniversary, so we’re throwing a virtual party and inviting Union student-leaders and fans, past and present, to share their favorite memories and the impact that The Union has had on their life and career.  Join us “backstage” to reminisce, while also looking ahead to how The Union can continue its mission in the coming year.


July 8 - View Recording: "Coffee as a Catalyst for Change"

Coffee has a history of bringing people together – but can it unite a campus & global partners for hands-on learning & social impact? Learn about North Central College’s new Coffee Lab, an interdisciplinary campus hub that uses coffee to fuel engaged learning, research, & a student-run business that helps lift coffee farmers out of poverty. Join Coffee Lab Manager Michael Duy and other involved students to hear about this unique and caffeinated campus experience.


July 15 - View Recording: "Ideas Worth Spreading: TEDxNorthCentralCollege"

For the last five years, the Center for Social Impact has provided a platform for alumni, students, staff and faculty to share compelling ideas at this TED-licensed event designed to provoke learning, innovation, and wonder. Join us for a look behind-the-scenes of our TEDx event - hear from past speakers about their experience, watch clips of their talks, and learn what our plans are for TEDxNorthCentralCollege 2020 this fall!  


July 22 - View Recording: "Service and Volunteering (in a COVID-19 world)"

If you're looking to make a difference by sharing your time and energy with local community organizations, join us to hear about the many ways the Center for Social Impact helps facilitate service and volunteering - even in a pandemic.  See how our online Volunteer Portal can help you explore in-person and virtual service with hundreds of local organizations, and how our "Help From Home" series points you to unique opportunities. And, learn about the impact of immersion trips from students in the group BreakAway, and local service projects from students in the Blue Key Honor Society. 


July 29 - View Recording: "Careers in Social Impact"

If you want to make a meaningful social impact through your future career, join us to explore the myriad ways that your North Central education can prepare you for a life of purpose. We'll discuss opportunities in a variety of sectors - non-profit, business, government, and start-ups.  You'll hear from North Central alumni who are working as changemakers in their fields, and we'll be joined by staff in the Office of Career Development to ensure you're aware of all of the resources at your disposal.