TRAIL Outfitters: FAQ and Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

What does TRAIL stand for?

A: T = Teamwork R= Responsibility (Personal, Social, Environmental) A= Attitude I=Integrity L=Leadership

What is the goal of TRAIL Outfitters?

A: To provide fun, sustainable, and engaging experiences that challenge students to learn about themselves and to work as a team. 

Who runs TRAIL?

A: TRAIL is an initiative and collaborative effort between a variety of offices at North Central College. The main resources being Rec Sports and LEV (Leadership, Ethics, and Values) and the Center for Social Impact. 

What will happen if I go on a TRAIL trip?

A: Our hope is that you would learn new skills and/or enhance your knowledge of the great outdoors. Through our 'challenge by choice' philosophy - no one is forced to participate in challenges or leadership initiatives. Our goal is to equip you with tools to make purposeful decisions regarding the balance of education, work, and leisure time. 

Who do I contact about running a TRAIL trip and/or renting equipment?

With questions, just send us a quick email - If you're interested in learning about our equipment rental options, go to our Equipment Rental page. 

What if I damage equipment?

Thank you for your honesty. Breaking stuff is never fun, especially when you don’t own it. And we hate having to be the bad guy, but you ARE responsible for any damaged or lost gear.

How do College policies apply while I'm on a TRAIL trip?

North Central College policies prohibit alcohol, controlled substances, and firearms. These items are not permitted on any TRAIL trip. All policies from the Student Handbook will be enforced.