Class of 2003
"Lost" Classmates

If your name is listed below, or you know someone who is, your contact information (mailing address) is not up-to-date with the College. Please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at 630-637-5200 or submit a classnote to update contact information and/or share personal and professional updates (email address, phone number, title and employer) with us and your classmates. We look forward to catching up on your latest career successes, personal accomplishments and life-changing events.

First Last First Last
Jared Andersen Jeanna McKelvy
Jocelyn Baker Alma Menchaca
Brittain Bandura Ana Prada Mendrick
James Becker Anissa Mercado
Sarah Beechler Elyece Webb Miller
Jennifer Bell Mary Nuzo
Jennifer Bomba Michael Obucina
Timothy Clifford Sarah Oliver
Michael Coniglio Jessica Papke
Bethany Davis Christine Lia Pieper
Samuel Echavarria Jonathan Reeves
Amy Farrell Jennifer Diamond Riesen
John Fiore Nicholas Rzeczkowski
Dylan Frank Stephanie Sajdak
Heather Gfesser Sara Schye
Michelle Pereira Gilewicz-Haigh Carol Olson Shababy
April Greenwood Dana Solomon
Kathyn Harms Robert Stanley
Gregory Hildebrand Heather Stark
Riccorda Hildreth Carolyn Subject
Sarah Hoffman Mary Ann Tracy
Lindsey Icenogle Emily Clemons Walker
Ekaterina Kuznetsova Rebecca Jo Kessler Walker
Karen Graves Larson Jennifer Cadet Wanke
Michele Lichtfuss Amanda Warmac
Victoria Lowe Michael Weyer
Ryan Manno Ana Wright
Kathryn Migely Mano Brian Yaro
Amanda Mayfield Kurtis Zak

In memoriam...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of Cardinals who have passed away. 
They remain close in our hearts.

First Last
Leslie Baumann
Muyoshi Finley