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The best way to find out how we can help you become better than your best is to see for yourself. Once you get a sample of how we put student success first, you’ll know why we say our Cardinal Rule is you. Then all that’s left is to join the Cardinal Family—and we make that easy, too.

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Why North Central College?


Professor and Student

Talented, devoted faculty who love to teach are your key to finding your passion and exceeding your personal best at North Central College.


Students walking in downtown Naperville

You won't have to compromise in Naperville- we have it all. 


Students together at event

Whatever your interests. Whatever your major. We're here to help you create opportunities and and push past what you thought was possible. 

Karl Kelley and Bri McAloon

Devoted Faculty

At North Central, our faculty stand out because of their commitment. As a teaching institution, our faculty pride themselves on being in the classroom. Every class you walk into, you can be sure it'll be your professor handling the instruction. And our faculty are invested in their students. They make the effort to get to know every student's ambition and needs. Thanks to our small class sizes, they get the chance to forge lasting relationships that stretch through graduation and beyond. Their goal os tp help you reach yours. 

Ideal Location

Ranked as one of America's safest college town and best cities to live, located 28 miles from vibrant Chicago, you'll find countless ways to connect and hang with friends; whether you enjoy hiking, shopping or walking along the Riverwalk. Downtown Naperville is adjacent to to campus and boasts more than 50 restaurants, 100 shopping destinations and several coffee shops to get away and study. And when you're ready to put your learning into practice, you're also in the ideal place to find internships with job, with leading global companies as well as boutique firms in every industry imaginable. 

Students at Naperville Riverwalk
Students Studying

Cardinal Community

At North Central College, you decide your own future. You’ll discover new ways to think, broaden your perspective, experience new places and work with people who have been where you want to go. Together we will get you ready to make a real difference in our world. This is about YOU. Our job? To help you exceed your personal best.

Push Past Possible

At North Central College, you'll find a supportive community where everyone shares an interest in your success. Together we will get you ready to make a real difference in our world. North Central College will open doors to opportunities you didn't know existed. With the support of our cardinal community, you will push past possible. 

Old Main Tower behind trees


Alexa Zimbelman and Ben Wong

"Ben and I are both athletes. so teamwork is an analogy that comes naturally to us, but it really does feel like a team in the science center. If someone doesn't get it, we will sit at the whiteboard until you get it. It's been amazing for my education." -Alexa Zimbelman

Bry Walker

"Everything at North Central, inside and outside the classroom, has given me the opportunity to grow as a leader. I've been able to make a difference, be the chance and advocate for other people." - Bry Walker

Juan Samaniego

"North Central is definitely challenging. But in classes that are more complicated, I can go directly to my professor and they will make the time to explain things, give examples and walk me through how to solve problems." -Juan Samaniego

How to Apply 

We're thrilled you're interested in becoming part of the Cardinal family! To make the process easier for you, we want to provide you with all the information you may need to apply and give you an overview of what should be included in the your application packet.

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