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Meet Transfer Admission Counselors

Learn More About Your Transfer Admission Counselor

Find out information about your transfer admission counselor's visit schedule to many Illinois community colleges by selecting the school you’ve most recently attended or the area which best pertains to you. Contact us at admissions@noctrl.edu or 630-637-5800 with any questions.

Transfer Admission Staff

Nicholas DeFalco

Director of Transfer Admission
+1 630 637 5807
Megan Costanzo

Senior Transfer Admission Counselor
+1 630 637 5812
McKenna Herbst

Assistant Director of Transfer Admission and Shimer Admission
+1 630 637 5825
Kimberly Larsson

Executive Director, Center for Global Education; Assistant Dean
Center for Global Education
+1 630 637 5289
Rebecca Rimkus

Transfer Admission Counselor
+1 630 637 5829
Nicole Vrabec

Transfer Admission Counselor
+1 630 637 5804

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Whether you’re transferring from a two-year school or another four-year college or university, at North Central College you’ll find a supportive community where everyone shares an interest in your success. It’s a place where you have the chance to grow, learn and put your classroom learning into real-life action.

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