McKenna Herbst

Assistant Director of Transfer Admission and Shimer Admission



+1 630 637 5825

Please note: In response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the College is now delivering remote instruction, and our employees are mostly working remotely at this time. We are only offering virtual visits, such as through Zoom, Skype, or the phone. If you're interested in scheduling this or have any questions, please email me at You can schedule an individual appointment by clicking here. Thanks for your understanding! 


Community College Visits:

College of DuPage - all table visits are in the hallway behind Starbucks (near Campus Central) in the SSC building

- All in-person visits have been canceled due to growing concerns with COVID-19. 

- Virtual Information Sessions are being offered! Click here to find more details. 

- Virtual Table Visits from 3:00-4:00 are available as well (email me to register):

  • Thursday, June 25th
  • Tuesday, July 14th
  • Tuesday, July 28th


Meet with me for an unofficial transcript evaluation:

Contact me directly ( to have an unofficial evaluation of your transcripts.  We are currently offering virtual appointments through Zoom, Skype, or over the phone. 


Our next traditional start term possibility, Fall 2020, begins Monday, August 24. For full admission, financial aid and registration consideration, there is a target date of Friday, July 31st for fall semester file completion. If you cannot complete your file by this date, call our office at 630-637-5800 to discuss your situation. We are also currently admitting students for our Spring 2021 semester, which starts Monday, January 11th.


Learn about your Admission Counselor:

Favorite thing about North Central: The community at North Central is unbeatable! It's incredibly easy to dive right in and get involved, and you'll build life-lasting relationships with friends, professors, and the strong Cardinal alumni network. You're able to stand out and feel valued as a person, as well as collaborate with others. This place truly becomes home, and there's endless opportunities to take advantage of! At North Central, your growth and development will carry on for extremely useful life experiences! You'll naturally find yourself bragging about how proud you are to attend this wonderful institution (seriously)!

Words I use to describe North Central students: Changemakers, determined, involved, interactive, and successful...the list could go on and on! 

Why did I choose to become an Admission Counselor/staff member at North Central? Since I transferred to North Central and had an incredible experience, I wanted to stay at my Alma Mater and share it with others! Transferring can be scary at times, but there is so much help and support provided by North Central to make the transition seamless. My goal is to play a significant role in guiding students through these big life decisions within higher education. 

Favorite Naperville restaurant: There's so many to chose from all within a couple blocks of campus! If I had to chose one, I'd have to say Egg Harbor Cafe. It's great comfort food!

Favorite season in Naperville: Honestly, the campus is beautiful all year round, but fall is my favorite. It's always colorful and lively with students ready to make more memories coming in for a new academic year!

Advice to students: During the admission process, let me know if you ever have any questions or concerns! I'm here to help and have even experienced North Central's transfer process myself! During your time as a student here, take advantage of everything you possibly can! Whether your interested in campus activities, clubs, fine arts, athletics, research opportunities, internships, working on campus, studying abroad, or all of the above, I say go for it! Like everyone says, your college years do really fly by, so soak it all in, build up your resume, and have fun while doing it! Your transfer experience can be truly amazing, especially if you stretch yourself by going past your comfort zone and trying something new.