Reach your highest level of academic achievement

Student Success is committed to ensuring all students have access, opportunities, and resources to achieve their highest level of academic achievement.  Our programs, activities, and services support the educational objectives of the faculty and College by emphasizing personal and practical skill development so students become engaged, informed, and confident learners.

Student Success

Student Success provides academic advising support, academic success programs, and access and accommodation services. We also oversee our three academic support centers:

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Academic Advising

Academic advising support is provided to all students.  Your Student Success Coach will help you develop an academic and co-curricular plan that prepares you to achieve your educational and life goals.  You will learn about campus resources, academic opportunities, and program and College graduation requirements.  If you are interested in careers in the health fields, our Health Programs Advisor will help you make informed decisions regarding pre-professional preparation.

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To help you succeed in your courses, our academic success programs provide a range of support including individual tutoring, structured study groups, academic skills workshops, and supplemental peer-led instruction programs.  Additional assistance is provided in our Writing CenterSpeaking Center and Math Resource Center.

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Student Disability Services

If you have a verified physical, emotional and/or learning disability, our office works with you so you are provided access and support to pursue your educational goals and participate in the activities of the College. 

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Meet our Staff

Clarissa LaFlora

Coordinator, Student Academic Support Services
Academic Support Services
+1 630 637 5111
Meghan Pfister

Senior Student Success Coach
Academic Support Services
+1 630 637 5283
Andrae Miller

Student Success Coach and Minority Student Retention Specialist
Academic Support Services
+1 630 637 5692
Daniel Sylvester

Student Success Coach and Retention Specialist
Academic Support Services
+1 630 637 5598
Elizabeth Ussery

Student Success Coach and Retention Specialist
Academic Support Services
+1 630 637 5830
Samantha Korzen
Samantha Korzen

Mindy Diaz

Director of Academic Success and Support Programs
Academic Support Services
+1 630 637 5266

Explore Our Programs

Wherever you are in your lifelong pursuit of knowledge and professional advancement, we have a program for you. We continually add innovative graduate programs, as well, to suit your ambitions for deeper study and specialized careers. You can travel, conduct research, intern, work and participate in high-impact practices that make the most of your college experience. We welcome you to start exploring.

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