1960 - 1954 Recipients

Clarence Faust

Class Year: 1923
Outstanding Alumni Award Winner 1960

Clarence Faust was president of the Fund for the Advancement of Education and vice-president of Ford Foundation. He later served as dean of the faculty of humanities and sciences and acting president of Stanford University. Faust was awarded the Tuition Plan Award for Outstanding Service to Education and was the recipient of the University of Chicago Award for Outstanding Teaching. He held honorary degrees from both the University of Louisville and North Central College. Faust also wrote about literary, theological and educational subjects.


Mildred Rebstock

Class Year: 1942
Outstanding Alumni Award Winner 1959

Mildred Rebstock worked at Parke Davis Research Labs-chemistry department from 1945-77. In 1945, she was a junior research chemist and then a senior research chemist. Until her retirement from Parke Davis in 1977, she was a research leader, research scientist and a research associate. During her retirement, she spent more time with her mother and pursued an interest in art. She also managed to find time to audit graduate courses in biochemistry and pharmacology. Today, Rebstock is involved with researching the genealogy of her father’s family, gardening and playing golf in two different leagues for seniors.


Paul Zahl

Class Year: 1932
Outstanding Alumni Award Winner 1958

Paul Zahl was a naturalist and biologist. According to an article from the Naperville Clarion, dated March 9, 1939, Zahl explored Conan Doyle’s “lost world” on Mt. Roraima. His most important scientific discoveries included locating two waterfalls believed to be the highest in the world at the time. Later in life, Zahl was noted as the National Geographic Society’s Senior Scientist. He wrote many articles for the publication and authored three books, “To the Lost World,” “Flamingo Hunt,” and “Coro-Coro: The World of the Scarlet Ibis.” Zahl was also associated with the Haskin Laboratory.


Harry Oberhelman

Class Year: 1916
Outstanding Alumni Award Winner 1957

Harry Oberhelman was an outstanding surgeon in the Midwest. He authored approximately 25 articles for medical journals and received recognition in the daily press and medical journals on many of his cases. Dr. Oberhelman was the senior attending surgeon at Cook County and West Suburban hospitals, and chief surgeon at Mercy Hospital in Chicago. He spent years sharing and multiplying his skills and talents, which went into teaching the next generation of doctors and surgeons.


Paul Mayer

Class Year: 1907
Outstanding Alumni Award Winner 1956

Paul Mayer held positions of increasing responsibility in mission work in Japan during a 47-year career. Mayer’s missionary career influenced the entire Protestant movement in modern Japan. The program he set was based on education of the young and guidance to the spiritual growth of all. In all his many deeds of kindness, prayer meetings, sermons, and his extensive counseling of individuals, Mayer carried the news of the Protestant Christian Church.

Thomas Finkbeiner

Class Year: 1894
Outstanding Alumni Award Winner 1955

Thomas Finkbeiner was a professor for more than 50 years. He graduated from North-Western (North Central College) with a science degree in 1894 and joined the faculty in 1902 as an assistant professor of German and was soon promoted to a professorship. An organizer and administrator as well as a teacher, Finkbeiner was on various occasions principal of the Academy, the first registrar of the College, and dean of instruction. In 1939, he received an honorary doctor of laws degree for his distinguished service as teacher, registrar and administrator. He retired in 1944.


John Stamm

Class Year: 1909
Outstanding Alumni Award Winner 1954

Bishop John Stamm was a lecturer, Bible teacher, author and churchman. He was also the first recipient of the North Central College Distinguished Alumnus Award. He completed a bachelor of divinity at Evangelical Theology Seminary in 1927; received an honorary doctor of laws degree from Albright College in 1935 and an honorary doctor of humane letters from North Central College in 1949. He also received an honorary doctor of sacred theology degree at Dickinson College in 1951. He served on numerous boards of the Evangelical United Brethren Church and was vice president and president of the Federal Council of Churches. He was also listed in Who’s Who in America.