Class of 1989
"Lost" Classmates

If your name is listed below, or you know someone who is, your contact information (mailing address) is not up-to-date with the College. Please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at 630-637-5200 or submit a classnote to update contact information and/or share personal and professional updates (email address, phone number, title and employer) with us and your classmates. We look forward to catching up on your latest career successes, personal accomplishments and life-changing events.

First Name Last Name First Name Last Name
Deborah Bley Cassie Mallard
Cynthia Bohr James Mauritzen
LaPege Carducci Christine McGavin
Daniel Cosgrove Todd McKee
Victoria Covas Michelle McLaughlin
Mary Davis Tony Pacherille
Valerie Dehant Steven Pruitt
Jennifer Fligg Hollie Pugel
Hilder Garrison Joan Radke
Christopher Giacomazzo Michael Rink
Deborah Graff Fujiyo Shibata
Colleen Hehmann Julie Sparks
Robert Hemmelgarn Dana Stacy
Yoshiko Jo Steven Steck
Beth Johnson Karen Townsend
Erik Kanter Thomas Welch
Ratha Kheowkhamsaeng Natalie Witt
Maureen LaFaver Ruben Zamora
Craig MacDonald

In memoriam...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of Cardinals who have passed away. 
They remain close in our hearts.

First Name Last Name
Joel Bowman
Mylissa Burnett
Judy Brinkman
Deborah Dahlin
Louis Guizzetti
Dallas McKeller
Janet Nelson
Lori Nern
Jill O'Donnell
Michael Smar
Michael Smith
Karen Turnage