Class of 1982
"Lost" Classmates

If your name is listed below, or you know someone who is, your contact information (mailing address) is not up-to-date with the College. Please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at 630-637-5200 or submit a classnote to update contact information and/or share personal and professional updates (email address, phone number, title and employer) with us and your classmates. We look forward to catching up on your latest career successes, personal accomplishments and life-changing events.

First Last First Last
Claudia Newell Antonietti Dawn Thas Jankowski
Nancy Antosh Catherine Jarrell
Charleen Barry Margot Kimble
Wiliam Beavers Edward Klocek
Fred Berglund Kurt Larson
Mary Strotz Brooks Michael Manning
Lea Brushaber Ted O'Berg
Janet Chandler Mike Rabelhofer
Dorothy Dahnke Roberta Rinehart
Tamara Danylevsky Edgar Rivas
Eileen Dewith Judith Rogalski
Lori DiMeglio Lisa Colwell Ruggiero
Shinya Dobashi Scott Schmidtke
Tanya Daniel Downs Michele Senko
Kirk Dressander Anthony Skrebys
Mary Fry Catherine Thompson
Gary Gordon Luell Thompson
Lori Bohandler Gutierrez Mari Yokoki Watanabe
Lynda Snoeck Hakim William Waugh
Brad Heinig David Weiczorek
Janice Hodorwicz Grant Westlake
Jane Hoffvelk David Wilcox
Noel Holly Michael Wozniak
Laurie Slaby Hughes Heidi Zegiel
Bruce Irussi

In memoriam...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of Cardinals who have passed away. They remain close in our hearts.

First Last
Patricia Atwater
Susan Rhodes Bauer
Mary Giecek Cline
Donna Hansen Coelho
John Fagerstrom
Jay Goedert
Mary O'Connor LaMar
Betsy Monro
Jim Morris
Dorothy Howard Pawelski
Ronald Schreiber
Dennis Segovia
Ronald Vukmanic