Class of 1968
"Lost" Classmates

If your name is listed below, or you know someone who is, your contact information (mailing address) is not up-to-date with the College. Please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at 630-637-5200 or submit a classnote to update contact information and/or share personal and professional updates (email address, phone number, title and employer) with us and your classmates. We look forward to catching up on your latest career successes, personal accomplishments and life-changing events.

First Last First Last
Gary Batha Thomas Mastny
Kathleen Cook Darryl Mest
Craig Evans Allen Meyer
Lynne Gavin Diann O'Donald
Paul Grambsch Ivalou Polley
Frederick Hill Michael Rumple
Dennis Holsinger Thomas Schultz
Richard Shaffer
John Jansen Ronald Sturgeon
Le Koehler Dorothy Hanke Unger
Brian Kundinger Martin White
Lynne LaBash Monika Wulfers

In memoriam...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of Cardinals who have passed away. 
They remain close in our hearts. 

First Last First Last
Evelyn Fry Ackmann Penelope Puhl
Cheryl Ehlert Adamik John Riewerts
Alice Beetz Kazuko Ota Saito
Ray Boehmer Luther Selbo
Carol Cina Brandt Warner Sneed
Louraine Eckert Collins Robert Stebbings
Kenneth Damon Robert Stevens
Lynne Dvorak Robert Thompson
Elizabeth Pauling Foemmel Wendy Schmidt Todd
Charles Hillman Byron Ware
William Hobsek Dennis Williams
James Holland Marvin Zadnichek
Linda Mahin Gary Ziegler
Thomas Mastny Gerald Zoephel
Nicholas O'Clock