Class of 1963
"Lost" Classmates

If your name is listed below, or you know someone who is, your contact information (mailing address) is not up-to-date with the College. Please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at 630-637-5200 or submit a classnote to update contact information and/or share personal and professional updates (email address, phone number, title and employer) with us and your classmates. We look forward to catching up on your latest career successes, personal accomplishments and life-changing events.

First Last First Last
Duane Ackmann Marlene Kucera
William Algie Richard Lamb
Barbara Terpstra Bender Edgar Mellinthin
Patricia Lucas Boon Marjorie Batterton Modaff
Ralph Bossert James Moller
Madelynn Methfessel Buis R. Perry
Thomas Buis Melva Taylor Ream
Lora Dovalovsky Fred Rench
Sally Gebhardt Richard Sperry
James Hanosh Harriet Stephens
Edward Jochim Sdudeepa Varavarn
Steven Joos Lainey Warren
Peter Keseric Carolyn West
Edward Kolar Patricia Wickwire
William Konchan

In memoriam...

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family members of Cardinals who have passed away. 
They remain close in our hearts.

First Last First Last
Larry Banker Elizabeth Jacobson Hillenbrand
Janice Unke Barnes Thomas Hopkins
Roger Bennett Percy Horton
Roger Branz Mary Gutknecht Kamm
Beth Zabeilka Brodne John Liberatore
Howard Broecker Edwin Little
Henry Brown Marilyn Clausen Lovse
Stephen Buehler Reynold Marriott
Sandra Evert Bulanow Elva Hildebrand Martin
Ann Callies Edward Matesevac
Paulina Hoff Carey Barbara Rasche Moffat
Vincent Catarello Roberta Imlay Myers
Eli Cohn Marylen Bennett Nemec
Nancy Williams Conklin Alan Pachter
Juanita Barnes Conner Caryl McIntosh Pepin
Harley Crabb Evelyn Jylland Peplow
John Davies June Plane
John Devine Daniel Racich
Joseph Dichtl Mary Shirer Roca
Edward Engel Francis Sanders
Thomas Farris Harry Saxton
Wendy Sikich Faulhaber F. Slick
Donald Ferguson Barbara Huess Spring
Mildred Emmick Goodman Betty Wielichowski Stasney
Robert Gossett Kenneth Thompson
Kenneth Grohar Charles Voda
Harry Gutknecht George Wagner
Robert Heinrich Bruce Winter