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Helping students find their path

Dr. Esen Andic-Mortan

Assistant Professor of Management, Esen Andic-Mortan is all about helping students find their path, even if it is outside the typical. Her fostering of original thinking and pursuit of passions is a perfect example of what makes the North Central faculty special.

Why did you choose to teach at North Central?

The very first interview felt like an instant click. When I first visited the campus, I was so impressed by the environment and how welcoming everyone was. I got the chance to do a demonstration of my teaching and research, and the students were great. North Central students are genuinely interested and ask questions, so I was able to engage with them from the first day and it felt different from all my other experiences. It was a very good sign that it was a good fit, and I continue to be happy in the role that I’m in all these years later.

Esen Andic-Morten

What is your favorite thing about teaching at North Central?

I enjoy the small classes, and the sense of community they foster. Every student is here for different reasons. I have students from very different majors in my classes, from philosophy to accounting, and I'm able to tailor that experience to them. When I'm teaching, I'm inspired by curiosity—both mine and my students'. When you are genuinely curious about something, nothing can stand in your way. I’m a huge believer that we should each be the owner of our learning. When you can make a connection with your professor, that becomes easier to achieve. Learning tailored to each individual’s needs is something that I enjoy. Finding out what motivates each student and exploring that with them is what I enjoy about being a faculty member at North Central.


How would you describe the North Central community?

I just love how close-knit the community is at North Central. It’s different here.I am very happy to see my students and colleagues every single day. Even if I’m not teaching a class, I might run into them around campus. The campus is intentional about making connections and building relationships—it’s a special feel, almost like a family.


What real-world preparation do North Central students get in the classroom?

Internships are a great way to explore the real world while being in the “safety” of the college experience. Everybody should do at least one of them. You get a chance to see what it will be like when you are out in the world. You can learn a lot about yourself through an internship. North Central has an excellent career development center. They help with resumes, conduct mock interviews and provide a database from which you can search for job prospects. There are so many opportunities for our students on campus, it’s so exciting. Each year, North Central holds a graduate school information session discussing different graduate degrees and how they look and how they can get started on their journey. The real-world exposure we’re able to provide for students at North Central is excellent.

What advice can you share with students just starting their college experience?

Be open to new experiences. I think a lot of learning comes from focused studying, but a lot of times the best learning comes from places outside of that path. You don’t always have to study in your major. Try connecting with faculty sooner rather than later, because we all come from different backgrounds and expertise, and you never know the thing that will call out to you. Diversify your learning. Learning happens outside of the classroom, so look for ways to engage outside of the classroom—clubs, organizations, causal meetings of students and faculty, whatever speaks to you. North Central creates opportunities for a variety of interests. So I would just say stay curious and keep exploring.

North Central College student