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Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

ROTC Options at North Central College

North Central College students can enroll in Army or Air Force ROTC and have the best of both worlds - a college education (with tuition assistance and stipends to qualified applicants) and outstanding leadership training.

U.S. Army & Air Force ROTC

North Central College students are eligible to participate in the U.S. Army ROTC Rolling Thunder Battalion or the U.S. Air Force ROTC Detachment 195 leading to a commission as a military officer. Ten credit hours of military science course work is accepted in transfer credit toward your North Central degree.

If interested, the first step is to contact the ROTC program using links above
to communicate your interest and begin the application process.

ROTC at North Central College

North Central Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) students discuss their experience with the program.

ROTC Testimonials

Learn more about what North Central College is really like for an ROTC student from the people who know. These students have very different stories and they took very different paths to finding their way at North Central. Each one has used ROTC as a tool to help them along the way. Find out how North Central can fit into your plan for success.

Current Cadet Testimonials

Andrew Bird '21

Air Force ROTC, Physics and Mechanical Engineering

“Coming to North Central and becoming involved in ROTC with no military background was intimidating.  Balancing ROTC with everything that comes along with college is challenging at times. With that said, nothing worth doing is easy and the experience is one of personal and professional growth. Knowing that North Central is there supporting their ROTC cadets is reassuring, empowering, and makes being a NC student as well as an ROTC cadet that much better.”


TaCoya S. Harris '22

Army ROTC, Computer Science

"The discipline, leadership, opportunities, and professional environment of ROTC make it a great source of personal development. The encouragement, support, and comradeship make ROTC a second family. The ROTC cadre truly care about our success in the program. Preparing to be a military officer is not only an honor, but a serious commitment. Being an ROTC Cadet at North Central is particularly great because of the support and mentorship provided by the Military Student Services Coordinator and Vice President Matt Burden (Army). I highly recommend being a ROTC cadet at North Central College."


Emilio Lopez '21

Army ROTC, History and Secondary Education

Being a member of the Army ROTC has helped me develop myself as a student and a professional. It has taught me responsibility, respect, discipline and how to challenge myself. Those interested should check out ROTC because it is a great opportunity. Being a cadet at North Central College allows me the full college student experience while also pursuing my military career.”

Emilio Lopez

Michael Pollack ‘21

Air Force ROTC, Physics

“Being a cadet and student-athlete at NC has been the most fulfilling experience in my life. Juggling basketball, physics, and my obligations as a cadet can get hectic, and down-right challenging. It is hard work. But at the same time, it is very rewarding. My coaching staff has been extremely accommodating in recognizing my commitment to the Air Force, and there are always people at NC who understand the different things that go into my schedule and work with me to manage it.”


Alec Thrall '21

Army ROTC, Business Management

“As an Army ROTC cadet, I have had many doors to my future opened. North Central College provides a well-rounded education, almost guaranteeing a job after your commitment is completed. The ROTC program also keeps you in top physical shape and encourages you to maintain a positive mental attitude.”

Alec Thrall

Alumni Testimonials

Michael Bartot '18


"North Central College is an environment where I feel challenged academically. I will take the skills and knowledge I am learning with me into the future. In addition, ROTC challenges me mentally and physically and helps me become a better leader."

Michael Bartot

Brady Dickerson '20

Air Force ROTC, Physics

"Everyone at North Central College cares about you. If I have any problems or need any assistance, I can go straight to the Coordinator for Military Student Services or my professors. The faculty and staff at North Central College understand the commitment and obligations of being a ROTC cadet and work with me to manage the responsibilities of each."

Brady Dickerson

Adam Moodie '02


"I was a student athlete and ROTC cadet and I loved my time and experiences at North Central College. I look back now at the tools and resources I was provided and I believe they are priceless. I really feel as though I was prepared to thrive in the real world with all of its challenges. I am forever grateful that my path led me through North Central and into the Army. I am incredibly excited to see the Office of Veteran and Military Services embrace the military. If you are a veteran thinking about where to go to school, or you are interested in serving in the future through ROTC, you should seriously consider North Central College."

Adam Moodie

John Mitchell Reid '17


“Joining the ROTC program at North Central set me up for career success while also giving me the experience of a lifetime. I got to enjoy four years of the classic college experience at the same time I was training to become a professional officer in the United States Army. There’s no better deal in the world than that in my opinion."

John Mitchell Reid '17

Matthew Shuba '07


"From my first recruiting visit on campus to continuing on as a proud alumnus, North Central College has always made me feel like an important part of the Cardinal family."

Matthew Shuba

Matthew Wagner '20

Army ROTC, Management

"I chose to come to North Central because of the prime location, beautiful campus, amazing faculty and opportunities not found anywhere else. I also chose the College because of the Army ROTC program; it will not only further my career in the Army Reserve, but it will also help prepare me to become a leader."

Matthew Wagner

Benjamin Wiley '18


“My experience as a cadet and student-athlete at North Central College has been invaluable because of the habits I have developed that will help me in my military career. A strong work ethic and commitment to excellence in all facets of your life are necessary to be successful as a leader. Balancing athletics, ROTC and demanding courses helped me to develop these habits and improve my abilities as a leader for our military.”

Benjamin Wiley

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