Students and faculty using the Bloomberg Finance Lab in the School of Business and Entrepreneurship at North Central College.

Bloomberg Finance Lab

The Bloomberg Finance Lab

Leading business and financial subscribers worldwide use the Bloomberg Terminal, a software platform that provides trusted real-time and historical data, market-moving news and analytics to help business and financial professionals make better-informed investment decisions. The Bloomberg Finance Lab, housed in the School of Business and Entrepreneurship, features 10 workstations equipped with the Bloomberg Terminal software, the iconic dual monitors and Bloomberg’s unique keyboards. Students within the Masters in Financial Management program and other graduate and undergraduate finance programs will use the most updated data and trading platform, developing skills in data analysis that are only possible with this dedicated equipment. Every North Central business student completes at least one course in our Bloomberg Finance Lab. Students can also become “Bloomberg certified” by completing a series of modules that cover economic theory, economic indicators, currencies, fixed income vehicles, options, equities and more.

Madison Adamski  uses the Bloomberg Finance Lab at North Central College.

Madison Adamski uses the Bloomberg Finance Lab.