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Take a digital stroll through our beautiful and lively campus. Scroll through our photos to get a glimpse of our vibrant community and state-of-the-art facilities.


Ideal College Location

Location matters. And our location? It's pretty great. We’re located in the heart of an ideal college town and just a train ride away from the third-largest city in the country.

Student Life

With more than 75 clubs and activities to choose from, life on campus is always full of fun and new possibilities. Whether they align perfectly with your major or they’re just things you enjoy, each opportunity will help you find other Cardinals who share your values and interests.

Where to Eat

At North Central, you can eat well at any time. Whether it’s a quiet chat, birthday celebration or a group study session, good food makes for good times. Healthy options and flexible meal plans are available at our convenient on-campus locations. Downtown Naperville, located steps from campus, offers a variety of restaurants and cafés to explore, as well.

Living on Campus

You may bond over late-night pizza. Binging Netflix. A floor trip to Chicago. Spikeball on Jefferson Lawn. Or the latest TikTok challenge. Whatever brings you together, the relationships and memories you make in the residence halls will continue long after graduation.

Academic Facilities

We take pride in keeping our state of-the-art facilities updated with the latest technology and design. We want you to have everything you need to compete in a world developing at high speed. You’ll have opportunities to fill your résumé with lots of research, leadership and internship experience.

Athletic Facilities

As the leading athletic program in the College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin, North Central has a reputation for great playing spaces. They're big, up-to-date and full of energy whenever Cardinal fans are around. Even if you're just looking for a place to play a pick-up game or catch a workout, you're free to use these incredible spaces.

Fine and Performing Arts Facilities

North Central is committed to the arts, and that means you'll find the finest places both to perform and to enjoy performances on our campus. Whether you're acting onstage, helping actors prepare backstage, singing, dancing, playing an instrument or taking in the best of the world as they do, you'll be comfortable and well-equipped. On with the show!

Student Resources

Learn more about our financial aid opportunities, living and dining on campus, spending a semester abroad and much more.

students walking across campus